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Sep. 24th, 2008 | 02:16 pm

All's going well.  Working from home today, and usually it's a disaster, non-stop snacking, elaborate, rich meals in fine restaurants.  But today, no!  I had a nice little sandwich:

2 slices of Bristol Farms whole wheat (220c)
1/4 C blue cheese (200c?)
1 T fat free mayonnaise (15c)
2 oz lean turkey breast (70c)
Pepper (0c)

So that's what?  505c for today, thus far.  Not bad, and I'm full, so I can make it to dinner:

1 chicken breast (140c)
Salad (26c)

So, all together, 675, or so?  Not bad, for the starvation jump-start diet - hah!


Biggest Loser, which I watch every Tuesday night for inspiration, is certainly full of product placement, isn't it?  And then, there are those hokey "commericals" which they try to hide as normal conversation, "You just open the zip lock bag, put your ingredients in, then microwave.  A perfect meal in a bag."  Good grief.

It's nice to see all those fatties sweating it out and losing weight.  I'm dying to know what they eat.  Perhaps I should join a Biggest Loser group, yes? 

Well, I've just looked, and there aren't any real "Biggest Loser" groups, which is strange, because you'd think there would be people around who just adore kevetching about that sort of thing, the morning after, including me - tee-hee!  However, I have joined a couple of groups, and maybe this means that I can start making some weigh-loss buddies.  I will be honest, I really don't want to discuss this sort of thing with my family or friends - it just seems so sordid.  For one thing, I hate to talk about myself, and for another, despite appearances, I loathe for people to notice me.  If one makes a diet proclamation, it then feels as if everyone were watching one.  I much prefer, "Gee, looks like you lost a few pounds, did you?"  Or, "[with great enthusiasm and surprize] Have you been on a diet?"  I then answer, extremely nonchalant-like, "Oh, I may have lost a couple of pounds", when it's clearly obvious I've dropped at least 20.  Oddly, it usually takes that much for anyone to notice.

Still waiting for the bra-size to drop like a rock.  I, alas, don't have a dearth of breast tissue.  It seems I gain everything there, on my stomach, and on my calves (which prevent me from buying those Tory Burch boots, damn-it!)  Okay, yes, there is much everywhere else, on the arms, the back, the neck, the wrists, even.  It's quite gross.

Tomorrow, I must tell you the story of how I got fat.  It's long and mostly dull, but writing it down keeps one occupied and focused, so do bear with me

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