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Ladies Who Lunch

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Oct. 5th, 2008 | 11:18 am
mood: bleh

Lunch yesterday at the Mariposa with Anabelle.  Cobb for me, the Lobster Club for her.  Aren't those gift cards nice?  Shopping all afternoon.  I couldn't find a thing to wear.  Still can't fit into those Tory Burch boots (knashing of teeth!)  Tried to talk Anabelle to buy some lovely shoes at Hermes, but she wasn't taking the bait.  She's so practical, that girl!  I *almost* bought 2 necklaces, but I'm so sick of this accessories life-style.  That's how it is, when one's fat.  All money is spent on hair, nails, accessories, but clothes, never.  Still, I've got the best accessories in town, no doubt about that!

Later, manicures at BHH.  I love that place, and will take any opportunity to go there!

Dinner with Karl, who has broken with Mel.  Mel is one of the most difficult, high-maintenance men I've ever met.  Yes, he's dynamic, and yes, he's always up to something, but good grief!  One never has a chance to relax around him.  Poor Karl has been run ragged, running the business, putting up with Mel's antics.  Karl will be just fine, but I do wory about Mel.

Today, restin' and relaxin'.  We've got season one of Mad Men on DVD to watch. 

What's for lunch?  I'm not sure.  Perhaps Lean Cuisine, perhaps Chinese delivery.  I just can't decide, these options are both so scintillating (not).  For dinner, left-over "peas porrage hot" - terribly healthy, but ever so dull.  Such is my life, on a diet. 

Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning!  That's one thing I can be cheerful about on an early Monday morning before my workout!

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